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Richie Walsh Sports physiotherapy athy k
Richie Walsh RW Sports Injury Clinic phy
RW Sportss Injury Clinic physiotherapy k

Richie and his team are really focused on helping me prevent injury,  they keep me performing at my own personal best.  Practical advice backed by science.

Sean, Amateur Golfer


To keep all our clients safe during Covid19 lockdowns, we have made many changes to our business.  These include Covid19 screening forms and an updated risk assessment form.  You can see some more of our changes below.  Please get in touch if you are one of the vulnerable groups or have any queries.

RW Sports sports injury clinic physiothe






Once you move better, you perform better.  The best predictor for an injury is having had had a previous injury.  Repeat injuries are usually caused by an accumulation of poor movement patterns, possibly due to a previous injury, or never actually have been shown simple things like how to run or change direction correctly.  We are specialists in atheletic performance, we bring you from basic movement corrections to a higher level of performance in your chosen sports field.

Physical Therapy Session

In THese changing times

this is how we have changed

  • We have updated our Risk Assessment

  • We have upskilled in preventing the spread of COVID-19

  • When you contact us we will triage you to see if it is better to 1) refer you to another health professional, 2) treat you via telehealth or 3) treat face to face

  • You fill out the paperwork online to limit the face to face contact (COVID-19 screening form each visit, General screening form first visit)

  • There is no waiting room facility. You can call from your car or ring the doorbell and wait

  • We disinfect all surface that you may touch in a session before you come in

  • We will wear all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • You have your temperature taken on arrival

  • There are masks, alcohol gel and gloves available for you

  • We will follow the WHO's guidelines for hand hygiene

  • We disinfect all the surface you will touch so you can witness it

  • Social distancing (2m) will apply during the consultation

  • Hands-on treatment time will be limited to 15 minutes

  • Contactless payments are encouraged

Improve Your Movement · Improve Your Performance

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Richie Walsh RW Sports Injury Clinic phy
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