How We help your golf

Richie is Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified at Level 1 and Level 2 Medical Practitioner. TPI's philosophy is connecting the body and the swing to improve your golf. 

Body Movement Screen

We work with your swing instructor or coach to identify swing characteristics and body movements that could be affecting your golf. 

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

If part of your golf game or a body movement screen is painful, we complete a full selective functional movement assessment to figure out the cause of the pain or discomfort.


Once the cause of the pain has been identified work to address it with treatment.


In-line with the treatment, we help you improve your golf using exercise. This will help fix the pain and help you improve your golf.

Strength & Conditioning

Improving your golf-specific strength will help reduce your pain but also boost your golf power at the tee and accuracy in the short-game.

Improve Your Movement · Improve Your Performance

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