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RW Sports Injury Clinic

Richie Walsh BSc, MSc, CAT, GSR, ROSTI

Taking care of:

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Knee Pain

Injury Prevention

Pre & Post-surgery  Rehabilitation

Work-Related Injuries

Rehab Package

3 Treatment Sessions,

1 Gym Session,

6-Week Programme.

Exercise is a vital part of injury rehab and injury prevention. This package helps you do that.  The programme will look a bit like this, you come in for a treatment session. You will be given a few home exercises to start you on your rehab journey. 2-3 days after, the second session will be gym-based (or pool-based if preferred).  Another few days still, you come in for the second treatment session where you will receive your 6-week gym programme. You follow the programme, during which you pop in for your final treatment session and get clarification on any of the programme you need.

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