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We provide physiotherapy.  We are specialists in sports injury and athletic sports physio.  Our goal is to help people rethink how they view sports injuries and work related injuries.  We specialise in helping athletes at all competition levels to improve their performance by ensuring we help them prevent injuries and improve their movement.


COVID-19 info

RW Sports Injury Clinic is deemed an essential service.

We have implemented some changes in protocols to improve health and safety for all patients and players [click here for more info].

We ask all patients where possible to book online and fill out a COVID-19 Screening form for each visit. Also, patients can now pay for sessions online via the Store. 

We understand that people would be more comfortable to have an online session, that is also an option.


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about us

Founded by Richie Walsh BSc, MSc, CAT, GSR, ROSTI.  We work with individuals and teams including the GAA, Rugby, soccer, hurling etc.   We help those involved in individual sports such as triathlon, swimming, tennis and golf. We work with amateur and professional athletes and we've even helped an Olympian.

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We also help people to prevent work injuries and those who are suffering from work injuries.  These clients include people working remotely and working from home where office setups are not as ergonomically friendly as they could be.  We have office friendly hours.

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RW Sports Injury Clinic

Although we are specialists in the physiotherapy of sports and athletes we also work with a lot of work related injuries.  We can help you with back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain etc.  We are focused on injury prevention programmes and can help with pre and post surgery rehabilitation.  Please get in touch and we can discuss a treatment programme or injury prevention programme customised to you.  

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Richie Walsh RW Sports Injury Clinic phy


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