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Once you move better, you perform better.  The best predictor for an injury is having had had a previous injury.  Repeat injuries are usually caused by an accumulation of poor movement patterns, possibly due to a previous injury, or never actually have been shown simple things like how to run or change direction correctly.  We are specialists in atheletic performance, we bring you from basic movement corrections to a higher level of performance in your chosen sports field.

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Would highly recommend Richie for sports related physio...his knowledge of his craft is second to none...attention to detail also is top class along with follow up care..

I have seen Richie a couple of times for different injurues and have always come away brand new after his treatments...

Highly recommend.



Highly recommend Richie, gave me all the proper steps and exercises required to get back into playing as quickly as possible.

Knows his stuff and is always checking up to see how your rehab is going.




I have always found Richie to be very professional and he has helped me with several recurring problems over the years.

He correctly diagnosed the source of my back and shoulder pain, sorted out the injury over a few sessions and gave me a strength and conditioning regime to prevent a reoccurring injury.

I highly recommend RW Sports Injury, thank you!


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Can’t recommend Richie from RW sports highly enough. He treated my ongoing back injury, triggered from wedding stress, with professionalism and was very prompt. Richie was very through and treated the injured area using dry needling. Thanks for getting me back to “back to normal” so I could enjoy the wedding celebrations 👍🏻

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