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Richie Walsh Sports physiotherapy athy k
Richie Walsh RW Sports Injury Clinic phy


Many of our clients with work related injuries are currently working from home.  We do our best to facilitate our clients with time slots that fit with them.  If we don't have a time that suits you please get in touch by phone or email and we will facilitate you.   

Richie Walsh RW Sports injury clinic phy
Mountain Biking by the Lake


  • We have updated our Risk Assessment

  • We have upskilled in preventing the spread of COVID-19

  • When you contact us we will triage you to see if it is better to 1) refer you to another health professional, 2) treat you via telehealth or 3) treat face to face

  • You fill out the paperwork online to limit the face to face contact 

  • There is no waiting room facility. You can call from your car or ring the doorbell and wait

  • We disinfect all surface that you may touch in a session before you come in

  • We will wear all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • You have your temperature taken on arrival

  • There are masks, alcohol gel and gloves available for you

  • We will follow the WHO's guidelines for hand hygiene

  • We disinfect all the surface you will touch so you can witness it

  • Social distancing (2m) will apply during the consultation

  • Hands-on treatment time will be limited to 15 minutes

  • Contactless payments are encouraged

RW Sportss Injury Clinic physiotherapy k

Richie had me back playing on the pitch in no time.  I was doing basic things wrong -which had affected my playing and led to repeat injury.  Now that I know what to do I am playing stronger than ever. 

Tom, GAA player

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