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Sports Injury
Richie Walsh RW Sports Injury Clinic phy

Knowledge is Power

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

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Our newsletters have tips for athletes.  Whether you are amateur or professional, we help you be the best version of you with tips on movement, what to avoid doing wrong and what to watch out for - as well as upcoming events.


If you've missed a newsletter, don't worry - here are the links for the last three.  Learn things like how to prevent injuries when playing rugby, how to deal with that back pain bunker when playing golf and lots more.  

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Once you move better, you perform better.  The best predictor for an injury is having had had a previous injury.  Repeat injuries are usually caused by an accumulation of poor movement patterns, possibly due to a previous injury, or never actually have been shown simple things like how to run or change direction correctly.  We are specialists in atheletic performance, we bring you from basic movement corrections to a higher level of performance in your chosen sports field.

Improve Your Movement · Improve Your Performance

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Richie Walsh RW Sports Injury Clinic phy
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